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Prominent Jain Personalities in the World -

Prominent Jain Personalities in the World  -

Jain  is the title and name given to an adherent of Jainism. The term has its origin in the Sanskrit term jina ("conqueror" or "victor"). This article lists prominent individuals who have self-identified as a follower of Jainism.


  • Acharya Shri Mahapragya - Acharya of Terapanth sect
  • Acharya Mahashraman - 11th Acharya of Terapanth sect.
  • Acharya Shantisagar - Digambara Acharya of 20th century
  • Acharya Vidyananda - prominent Digambara Jain monk
  • Acharya Vidyasagar - prominent Digambara Jain monk
  • Bhadrabahu - last shrutkevali (knower of all Jain Agamas) and spiritual teacher of Emperor Chandragupta
  • Kumudendu Muni - author of Siribhoovalaya.
  • Kundakunda - Jain scholar monk, 2nd century CE, composer of spirituals such as: Samayasara, Niyamasara, Pancastikayasara, Pravacanasara, Atthapahuda and Barasanuvekkha.
  • Pujyapada
  • Shrimad Rajchandra - 19th century philosopher/mystic
  • Siddhasena Divakara - author of Sanmatitarka Prakarana
  • Virasena - 9th century mathematician
  • Sushil Kumar - 20th century Acharya and yogi spread Jainism outside India.
  • Rakesh Jhaveri-Founder of Shrimad Rajchandra Mission.

Business leaders / Top executives


  • Ajit Gulabchand - leader of HCC Limited
  • Dilip Shanghvi - owner Of Sun Pharmaceuticals, Mumbai
  • Anand Jain - owner of Jai Corporations, Mumbai
  • Vinay Jain - Mitthan Lal Marketing Ltd.
  • Vinay Maloo - Chairman of Enso Group
  • Ambalal Sarabhai - Sarabhai group of Companies
  • Premchand Roychand - Founding member of The Bombay Stock Exchange
  • Bhavarlal Jain - industrialist in Indian agriculture owner of Jain irrigation
  • Gautam Adani - Chairman, Adani Group
  • Gulabchand Hirachand
  • Indu Jain - owner, The Times Group
  • Kasturbhai Lalbhai - one of the founders of Arvind Mills (1931)
  • Lalchand Hirachand
  • Mofatraj Munot - Kalpataru Ltd.
  • Narendra Patni - founder of Patni Computer Systems
  • Sahu Ramesh Chandra Jain - ex-editor, Times of India Group Publications
  • Mangal Prabhat Lodha - owner of Lodha Group,Mumbai
  • Walchand Hirachand - founder, Walchand Hirachand group
  • Motilal Oswal - Chairman and Managing Director of Motilal Oswal Group
  • Pradeep Jain- owner of karbonn Mobiles


  • Ajit Jain - President of Berkshire Hathaway Insurance group USA
  • Anshu Jain - co-CEO of Deutsche Bank.
  • Naveen Jain - founder of InfoSpace and Intelius
  • Raj Jain - co-founder of Nayna Networks Inc. USA

Indian Freedom Struggle

  • Mridula Sarabhai - Indian independence activist
  • Ambalal Sarabhai - Indian independence activist
  • Jagdish Chandra Jain - Indian independence activist
  • Lakshmi Chand Jain - freedom fighter, cooperative leader
  • Mool Chand Jain - often referred to as "Gandhi of Haryana"
  • Sohan Lal Jain - Gandhian and freedom fighter
  • Daulat Mal Bhandari - Gandhian, first Member of Parliament from Jaipur, later Chief Justice of Rajasthan High Court


  • Dilip Doshi - Indian Test and one-day cricketer
  • Anju Jain - Indian cricketer
  • Karu Jain - Indian cricketer
  • Phadeppa Dareppa Chaugule - marathon runner


  • Ilango Adigal
  • Champat Rai Jain - influential Jain writer and apologist of the 20th century
  • Banarasidas - poet, spiritualist and thinker. composed the Banarasivilasa, Nataka Samayasara and his magnum opus, Ardhakathanaka, the first ever autobiography in Hindi literature.
  • Nathuram Premi - publisher and scholar of Jainism, founder of Hindi Granth Karyalay and Manikchandra Jain Granthamala, historian, researcher, social reformer and editor of Jain Mitra and Jain Hitaishi'
  • Bhagchandra Jain 'Bhaskar' - scholar of Jainism, Buddhism, religious studies and ancient languages. He is a recipient of the President's (Rastrapati) Award and has written over 40 books and published more than 300 research papers.
  • Bal Patil - author, journalist, Jain activist and ex-member of Minority Commission, Government of Maharashtra
  • Padmanabh Jaini - author, Professor Emeritus Berkeley University
  • Jainendra Kumar
  • Kanhaiyalal Sethia
  • Jatasimhanandi
  • Shivakotiacharya
  • Janna
  • Bhattakalanka Deva - Kannada grammarian
  • Virchand Gandhi - represented Jainism in 1893's parliament of world religions, delivered 535 captivating speeches in USA and Europe, and as activist initiated education of Indian women's in USA under banner of SEWI.
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Jainism Outside India -

Jainism Outside India

Jains have long been merchants and traveled outside India—to East Africa, Europe, and now to the United States. However, because orthodox Jain monks and nuns do not travel by vehicle and because they do not eat or stay at the residences of lay persons, the movement of Jain religious leadership outside India is virtually nonexistent. Even in the late twentieth century there are very few Jain sadhus and sadhvis who travel abroad, and those who have done so have met with criticism from more orthodox members of the community. Strictly speaking, only those who have not yet taken the full and final monastic vows are permitted travel abroad. Thus, in North America the interdependent relationship between renouncers and lay people that has been the sturdy backbone of Jain tradition for so long has been thrown out of balance. One response to this situation has been the creation among the Shvetambar Terapanthis of a distinctive order of monks and nuns, called samans and samanis, who are specially designated to serve the expatriate Jain community.

While new patterns of Jain life and religious leadership are being generated in Jain communities outside India, the ancient teachings are being reaffirmed. The central ethos of nonviolence has been articulated afresh throughout the world by Jains who see its important implications for today’s many political conflicts and increasing environmental devastation. Jainism is seen by Jains today as containing highly rational and universal teachings applicable to many of the problems of modern life. While some of the distinctive character of the Indian Jain community may be lost in transit to America, the universality of Jain teachings on the sanctity of all life and the relativity of all truth-claims seems to have been rediscovered and reaffirmed. Jains emphasize today that their views support and nourish not just the Jain, or even human, community, but the larger community of all living things.

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